December 28, 2016

Training and Workshops

If you’re an entrepreneur, leader of an organization, or just have a story that you’d like to get out into the world, we’re here to help. The CODE PR Global training programs PR with Purpose™ and PR Power™ will give you the tools you need to get started and engage audiences and your communities in a mission-driven way that truly resonates with others.

We’ll walk you through each step in understanding how to tell your story in an authentic way, what narrative works best for you and your audiences, how to decide which social media tools are best for your organization or business, and how to build a personal PR plan that you can implement on your own.

Workshop and Online Training Topics include:

  • Tell Your Authentic Story and Attract Your Ideal Audiences
  • Using Social Media with Purpose
  • PR Power for Your Small Business
  • Creating Your PR with Purpose™ Plan
  • … and many more!

If you’re interested in having me host a PR workshop for your organization or business, or signing up for an online program, please send us an email by  clicking here. You’ll receive a personal email inviting you to join our next complimentary PR with Purpose™ or PR Power™ webinar.